Country Life Or City Life, What To Choose?

However, country life also features a number of minuses, such as the dirtiness because of the domestic animals, the constant need in caring after them, the isolation and the lack of things to do and to see. In addition, some think that it is not comfortable to live in the country.

Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that country life can be rather interesting and comfortable as well. If you have enough money, you may make the house you like full of up to date technologies and things that make our life easier. With the car you are able to get to the city within a short time.

You may also find a number of things to do in the country: go walking, feed animals, and gather the crops. Finally, you may find a hobby- start painting amazing landscapes, gathering lovely flowers, and writing poems or comedies.

To sum up, it’s up to people what to choose, however, it is obviously that both city and country life can be interesting, exciting and comfortable.